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The Ultimate Content Monetisation System

Aimed to become the easiest and most secure way to generate revenue with digital content.
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Providing a comprehensive suite of advanced services and technologies to manage, protect and sell every digital content, aims to bring one of the biggest revolutions in the digital content distribution and monetisation industry. publishing platform enables Digital Content Democracy
Creators / Publishers
Easily publish content anywhere at their price, turning clicks into crypto
Retain content privacy with our secure Encrypted Data containers.
Stream or download their favourite content in seconds!
Freedom to access a variety of content on any participating site.
Super fast and affordable payment services using cryptocurrencies.
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We are thrilled to share with you the whitepaper and one-page overview.

These documents introduce you to the business model and integration between Publishing Platform and Payment Services.


Founder and Chief Evangelist

Kim Dotcom
Founder and Chief Evangelist

Kim is a well-known internet entrepreneur who knows what it takes to create successful online mass market digital businesses. He founded Megaupload, one of the largest online companies in the world in its time, accounting for about 4% of worldwide internet traffic at one stage. Kim subsequently founded Mega, a New Zealand based end-to-end encryption file hosting and storage service which, as of 20 January 2018, has 100 million registered users in more than 245 countries and territories, and more than 40 billion files uploaded the service. 1 Additionally, Kim is a strong advocate for digital freedom and personal privacy.
Kim understands the tremendous potential of the content publishing and monetisation platform, utilising the Bitcache payments solution, to be the innovative disruptor to current broken content publishing models that the online world needs. Kim believes he can help make this a reality by spreading the good word on this exciting project. It is well known and a matter of public record that Kim’s success with Megaupload was such that Hollywood and related commercial media interests persuaded the US Department of Justice to take steps to close down the entire Megaupload operation, and then launch legal actions in various jurisdictions against Kim and others who were involved in Megaupload.  These various legal actions are ongoing and being vigorously defended by Kim. While Kim is confident of ultimately successfully defending them, he decided when developing the concepts and architecture for Bitcache, that he would not be able to personally take an interest in the business. Bitcache has however secured Kim’s ongoing involvement and guidance for the project, and his key services as project evangelist. Kim’s role in the project will continue despite the legal issues he is working his way through.


Notable Investors

Simon Dixon
Investor / Adviser

An ex-investment banker turned Bitcoiner & author
of the book ‘Bank to the Future.’ An active FinTech, Blockchain & Bitcoin angel investor with investments in Bitfinex, BitPay, Unocoin, Kraken, BitPesa, BitStamp and over 100 others, Simon is regularly quoted & appearing in much of the major press & media.

BnkToTheFuture Capital

BnkToTheFuture Capital is the largest online investment platform for investing in crypto companies, that has a community of 87,000+ Professional Qualified Investors from all over the world who have invested over $775m in funding rounds listed on its Online Investment Platform including equity in Circle,, Kraken, BitStamp, BitFinex, ShapeShift, BitPay and over 100 others.

Bitcoin Capital by Max Keiser & Simon Dixon

Bitcoin Capital was setup by early Bitcoin evangelists and investors Max Keiser and Simon Dixon to invest and advise companies supporting the growth of Bitcoin. Portfolio companies include Kraken, BitPay, Abra, Circle, ShapeShift,, CoinPayments, BitSo, BitPesa and many others.


Phil Creagh

Phil is a founding partner of Anderson Creagh Lai, and senior partner and chairman of the firm. Phil’s practice areas are wide ranging and include dispute resolution and civil litigation, corporate and commercial advice, and specialist commercial property work. In addition to his litigation practice, Phil continues to advise corporate and commercial, and occasionally property, clients on their needs. Phil has also had governance experience, serving on the managing board of a leading Australasian law firm, as a director for a number of valued personal clients, and as an officer and trustee of a number of voluntary organisations. Phil also provides pro-bono assistance and advice to different institutions.

Puai Wichman

Puai is the Founder and Chairman of Ora Fiduciary (Cook Islands) Limited, a regulated Trustee Company in the Cook Islands.  Puai has been involved in the Cook Islands financial services industry since 1993 with a focus on the administration of Trusts for High Net Worth individuals and their families.  He has also worked in very diverse areas including administration of publicly listed Funds and sophisticated cross border structuring for private clients.  Puai is a member of the Cook Islands Law Society.


Jeffrey Lai
Legal Counsel

Jeffrey is a founding partner and the managing director of Anderson Creagh Lai (ACL), a boutique New Zealand commercial law firm. Jeffrey specialises in corporate structuring and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, investment funds, domestic and international business expansion, innovative and high growth companies, and complex contractual arrangements. Jeffrey has a particular focus on science, technology and innovation sector

Bonnie Lam
Corporate Finance

Bonnie has extensive experience setting up and managing international companies, and has previously been the CFO of a major cloud storage provider. She brings high integrity and top-notch expertise in finance, accounting, banking, tax and legal matters.

What the media is saying

"The key advance Dotcom is proposing here is the ability to use bitcoin for micropayments — payments that may be so small that people won’t think twice about making them, but that will add up to reward creators for their work."
"… it could be an attractive vehicle for people to get paid with bitcoin microtransactions for content."
"The idea behind Bitcache is to turn any file uploaded to the platform into its own shop."
“In Dotcom’s vision, people can just use one site to access everything."

Be prepared for the content monetisation revolution